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Build products people love, listening to millions in minutes
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Kraftful helps you achieve product-market fit, engage your users, and boost revenue.


Feedback analysis

Save hundreds of hours analyzing feedback with our GPT powered solution to uncover user needs 🤯

See how often users mention topics and quickly find original feedback in context.

Deep dive

Kraftful is ChatGPT-powered.

Chat with your user data to quickly answer the questions that matter, write PRDs and more ✍️

Export to Jira

Export insights directly to your issue tracking software with our AI written user stories.

Oh, did we mention you get to take all the credit?

What people are saying?

Manu Sharma, CEO, Labelbox

"Kraftful’s intuitive platform makes it easy to instantly translate volumes of user feedback into actionable insights. The future of product research is here!"

Rahul Thathoo, Director of Engineering, Square

"Kraftful provides powerful summaries of user feedback. What previously took weeks can now get answered in minutes. Amazing!"

Love Thyresson, Director of Product Experience & Engagement, Tibber

"We previously relied on our support team correctly tagging and aggregating requests to get an overview of the challenges our users were having. Kraftful cuts out the middle man and makes following up on the data a breeze!"

Carl Velloti, Sr. PM, GoodRx

"I just think they're really building amazing AI tools for PMs...They also built the Kraftful ChatGPT plugin which I use almost every day."

Leticia Ratkiewicz, UX Researcher at Origin 

"Kraftful worked wonderfully. I know this dataset very well, and the summary was scary accurate."

Pedro Vargas, UX Researcher & Co-Founder, Observe

"As a UX Researcher, I often see the value of data triangulation in projects. Kraftful simplifies this process for me, eliminating many time-consuming manual tasks."

Ajith Kumar, Senior UX Designer, Gelato

"Kraftful has tremendous potential to simplify and amplify quantitative research from user feedback."

Wei Zheng, Chief Product Office, Chapter Lead of Women in Product SF

"Kraftful makes it incredibly easy to listen to your customers and involve them in the product development. Being one of Kraftful’s earliest users, it’s been great to follow their journey from day 1."

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Kraftful plugin for ChatGPT

Our ChatGPT plugin is a product coach that provides advice about product best practices summarizing thinking from the best product gurus. Ask it how to best improve user retention, build your product roadmap, or anything else that you’re working on.
Kraftful plugin is available in the ChatGPT plugin store and consistently ranked as one of the best ChatGPT plugins.

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What people are saying...

Kraftful provides the data and analytics to help founders quickly achieve Product Market Fit and build a product that dazzles their customers.
Chris Holbrook
CEO, Hanu Health
I’m seriously excited to have data like this easily extracted. It makes our efforts for sales much more focused, and helps with the end goal of having more direct interactions with the consumers.
Jason Wilson
Product Manager, Johnson Controls
Kudos to Kraftful for giving companies tools to get insights into their hardware product.
Markus Tacker
Principal Engineer, Nordic Semiconductor

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