Launching Kraftful Analytics for Connected Hardware

Backed by Y Combinator, Samsung, Google, and many prominent investors, the Kraftful platform helps hardware companies make their connected products usable (and therefore useful) by everyone. Today, we’re launching an analytics solution for connected hardware having raised a $2M seed round 🚀

Analytics for making delightful connected products

You’re probably thinking, “There are more analytics solutions out there than Web3 “thought leaders” in Miami. Why on earth would anyone launch another analytics tool?” 🤷🏻‍♀️

Having worked with a ton of IoT brands at IFTTT before starting Kraftful, we saw that most mobile apps for connected hardware don’t rely on interaction data. It’s true!! That smart light in your bedroom that you never reconnected after it went offline – no one even knows you’ve churned. Same with the fancy thermostat your dad bought last year and gave up on during setup. 

Lights, thermostats, cat litter boxes – more and more things are getting connected every year. And yet, the experiences for those connected things aren’t improving. 

IoT companies are building both hardware (so hard!) and software (firmware updates are harder than David Beckham’s 🍑). They’re also managing supply chain issues, chipset shortages, and AWS outages locking users out of their homes. Hardware companies don’t have time to learn data science jargon to navigate general-purpose analytic tools, figure out which of all metrics matter for IoT products, and then configure charts, funnels, and Rube Goldberg machines 😅

Our team did all that work when building our first product: an optimized experience for connected hardware. We’ve now productized our internal analytics solution so that hardware companies can use it for their own apps.

In addition to being used by Kraftful-powered apps, Kraftful Analytics is now in private beta with a handful of IoT companies that are leading the way in optimizing their UX, which includes Awair (Indoor Air Quality Monitoring), Napoleon (Fireplaces, Grills, HVAC), and Aura Air (Air Purification). Today, you too can sign up and learn how to delight your users.

Kraftful Analytics makes it easy to track IoT-specific metrics like how users connect a device,  their user journey, and to determine the appropriate session duration and stickiness for a product using industry benchmarks. Getting users hooked for 2 hours/day may be a win for TikTok, but if your dad spends an hour trying to turn on his light, he’s thinking about how to return it! 😭

All of the Kraftful charts are pre-configured for everything a PM needs to track, and are accompanied by insights explaining how to use the metrics to improve the user experience. There will also be an opportunity to customize charts for a deeper dive into specific issues.

Beta version of Kraftful Analytics dashboard 

New funding, bigger team

2021 has been a big year for Kraftful. Having launched our first product and grown our revenue, we raised a $2M seed round from Leadout Capital, Precursor Ventures, Samsung NEXT, and many exceptional angels. We grew our team 3X, bringing onboard brilliant engineers and business operators. And we finished the year strong: our revenue and customer base grew 4X last quarter 🔥   

As we build our team and bring on new investors, diversity is a priority. The connected hardware industry (and smart home in particular) looks pretty much like a carton of white supermarket eggs, if eggs were all dudes in suits. There aren’t enough women or people from diverse backgrounds around the table to define the use cases that affect us all.

It’s time for our industry to address the fact that essential things in the home can’t only be usable by techie early adopters. Kraftful’s goal is to eliminate the need for a “technical head of the household” to unlock your door or turn on the lights. In a particularly male-dominated industry, we’re proud to be female-founded and female-led, and have female investors make up a large part of our cap table 💪🏻

Pictures from our summer 2021 team offsite.

We’re making connected things usable by everyone.

Our goal is to make connected things usable by more people. Everyone should be in control of their connected environment. Get in touch if Kraftful Analytics can help your product delight more customers ✨

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