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In early 2007, it was hard to imagine that 50% of US adults would carry around a small computer in their pocket within 5 years. 

Many professionals had a BlackBerry for work, but it wasn’t the type of product that you’d love to use for fun. Yet as soon as the iPhone came out later that year it became obvious that people would want to use a smartphone voluntarily, in their spare time. That’s where we are with smart home products today: the main thing holding them back is that they’re terrible to use (like BlackBerry before iPhone). 

Today, makers of appliances, furniture, toys, clothing, and other things are all working on putting a chipset into their products. Many of them are completely new to software and digital user experience. And there is no good off-the-shelf solution for their tech-stack. If you’ve used any of their early connected products, you know that this technology gap is a major problem for end-user experience. 

We’re building an IoT platform with a focus on user experience. It will change the way companies build connected products, finally making them usable and therefore useful. And it will change the trajectory of user adoption, just like the iPhone did in 2007 with Android’s help starting in 2009. 

Want to help us make this a reality? We’re looking for a founding backend engineer to join our early team.


Kraftful is backed by Y Combinator, Google, F7 Ventures, Cleo Capital, Precursor Ventures, Samsung Next, Leadout Capital, and exceptional entrepreneurs like Lukas Biewald (Weights & Biases), Nathana & Manu Sharma (Labelbox), Julia Collins (Planet FWD), Evelyn Gillie (Hey Healthcare + Flexport founding engineer), Alan Rutledge (TrendMD), Samvit Ramadurgam (Forge), Nicolas Pinto (Perceptio), Danny Olinsky (StatusPage), among others.

Our founding team has led product and engineering teams at IFTTT, working with hundreds of connected products, and also built software at hardware companies (Apple and Carbon).

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