We’re making connected things usable by everyone.

Internet connectivity is coming to every object around us:
home appliances, furniture, exercise equipment, cars, offices, schools...
Our goal is to make connected things usable by more people.
You shouldn't need technical help to unlock your door or turn on the lights.
Everyone should be in control of their connected environment.

Our values

We’re a team that puts users first. We make hard, pragmatic decisions. Constant iteration is at the core of our product and company. Empathy is our superpower.

Users first

The user is at the core of usability. We focus on doing the best thing for the users, including protecting their data. If there’s ever a conflict between users’ best interest and customer needs, it’s our responsibility to educate customers that users’ best interest is what’s best for customers’ business.


Always pragmatic, never dogmatic. We make hard decisions to do the right thing, focusing on value and people over process.


Constant iteration is at the core of our product and company. Shipping early to learn the right direction is better than polishing to perfection based on imperfect information. Mistakes are sometimes inevitable when doing new things and moving fast. When we can’t avoid a mistake, we learn from it to make better decisions in the future.


Empathy is our super power. We empathize with our users to build a better product. We empathize with our customers to better solve their business needs. We empathize with our coworkers to help them do their best work and create an inclusive work environment.

Join our team!

We're looking for talented individuals to join us. Have a look at our open roles and reach out.
Open roles


We're Apple, Slack, Facebook, and IFTTT alumni with years of experience developing award-winning products that have been enjoyed by millions of users.

Yana Welinder
Before founding Kraftful, Yana was Head of Product at IFTTT and PM #2 at Carbon. She's a Stanford fellow and Harvard alumni.
Nicky Leach
Nicky was Principal Engineer at IFTTT, Senior Engineer at Apple, & co-founded Fondu (acquired by Airbnb). He holds a CS degree from NYU.
Jacob Gable
VICE PREsident OF EngineerING
Jacob was Staff Engineer at Slack and Facebook/CZI. He helped grow the learning platform his team built from 6 Bay Area schools to over 500 schools across the US.
Heidi Gluck
Chief of Staff
Heidi led marketing at Handmark (acquired by Sprint) and KEA. She studied music at UND and brings a creative angle as a recording artist.
Renat Zhilkibaev
Founding Engineer
Renat was previously a software engineer at IFTTT, where he helped grow the enterprise business by extending the IFTTT Platform. Before that, he helped build hotel booking infrastructure at Hotwire.
Irad Straus
Head of Growth
Irad was Founder & CEO of Urbanr, disrupting rent payments. After that, he managed Strategy and Growth at Ribbon (YC S20).
Aadil Muhammad
Growth Manager
Aadil was previously Postgraduate Bridge Fellow at Fresno County Public Defender's Office, where he was helping fight the prison industrial complex. He is a graduate of UC Hastings College of the Law and is barred in California.


Kraftful is backed by Y Combinator, Google, Samsung Next, Precursor Ventures, F7 Ventures, Cleo Capital, Leadout Capital, and many exceptional entrepreneurs and angels.

Michael Seibel
Y Combinator
Alison Rosenthal
Leadout Capital
Charles Hudson
Precursor Ventures
Joanna Shevelenko
F7 ventures
Kelly Graziadei
f7 ventures
David Lee
Samsung NExt
Saurabh Sharma
Nathana Sharma
Manu Sharma
Julia Collins
Lukas Biewalds
weights & biases
Yun-Fang Juan
Brighter capital
Rohini Pandhi
Rahul Thathoo
Alan Rutledge
Samvit Ramadurgam
Quiet Capital
Sachin Agarwal
Evelyn Gillie
Sharad Agarwal
Brandon Hoffman
diverse angels
Antonio Key
diverse angels
Devin Foley
Douglas Hirsh
Palomar Properties
Yoko Okano
First Row Partners
Nicolas Pinto
perceptio (Apple)
Danny Olinsky
statuspage (atlassian)
Ravi Grover
Amanda Schwartz
Kristen Barton
NuShu capital
Nicolas Chinot
Suneel Gokhale
Sonia Gokhale