0 to 25K in 8 months 🚀

0 to 25K in 8 months 🚀

And just like that, we crossed 25K users 📈

Here's how we went from 0 to 25k in 8 months…

Our pivot

8 months ago, we launched our MVP. 

Its minimum feature set was the quintessence of MVPs built in a handful of months.

Just enough for users to get an idea of what’s possible. And they liked it! 

Our MVP was voted top UX product on Product Hunt 🎉🎉

MVP strategy

Though Kraftful included GPT feedback analysis since 2021 (I even prototyped V1 in early 2020), our 2023 MVP used entirely new code. 

We focused on best solving user need with the newest GPT models rather than getting bogged down by our older implementations.

Getting hit by rate-limits

From the moment we launched, we knew we were onto something. 

Not least because we were hitting every possible API rate limit – breaking our product in the process!

We instantly got multiple extensions to handle all the data our users analyzed.

So many rate limits!

Building a community

Our mission is to help product builders create a community of delighted users around their products by involving users in the dev process in ways never before possible.

Step 1: Building a user community for Kraftful. 

And because the full Kraftful solution didn’t exist, we started doing it the old fashioned way: By talking with users. A LOT.

Using Kraftful for Kraftful

We quickly got the problem Kraftful was designed to solve for our customers: WAY more user feedback than we could handle from Intercom chat, in-product surveys, demo calls, email, Twitter, etc.

Great opportunity to dogfood our product!

Masters of Scale

We were scaling like crazy, but one personally satisfying moment for our team was getting Kraftful featured on Masters of Scale.

Fast Company

Another massive moment for Kraftful was getting featured in FastCompany as "AI’s Next Big Thing."

Focusing on product teams

Kraftful isn't a general AI summary tool. We're building a copilot to automate the product workflow so folks can focus on strategic work.

Step 1 towards that mission is to turn insights into Jira tickets with Kraftful-written user stories, a feature we launched last month.

Product of the Day

After iterating on the product for 6 months, we relaunched it on Product Hunt and got voted #3 Product of the Day 🙌

Kraftful also got featured in the Product Hunt newsletter

Onwards 🚀

This is of course just the beginning. So grateful to be on this journey with our amazing team and wonderful users 🥰 

Innovative teams use Kraftful to engage users & boost revenue.


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