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👋🏽 Hey hardware companies!

Kraftful is the only analytics solution focused on making connected hardware delightful to use.
Our platform provides not only data, but also actionable UX recommendations to perfect your IoT products.
We're Facebook, Slack, and IFTTT alumni, bringing the data approach behind massively adopted software to the world of IoT.
Kraftful is backed by Google, Samsung, Y Combinator, and many exceptional investors.

Why Kraftful Analytics?

Because we uniquely focus on hardware, our dashboard provides IoT specific metrics that traditional analytics tools can’t show. 

Learn not only the raw usage data found in other analytics tools but also what the numbers mean and how to use them to make your IoT product delightful to use.

Get deep AI analysis of which features people most enjoy in competitive products and what additional features they request. It’s like surveying users, but without the work and the insights you get are based on reactions to real products rather than hypotheticals.

  • 💡Simplify the setup of your device
  • 📈Grow your user base
  • ❤️Make your app intuitive
  • 🦾Get competitive analysis using GPT-3
  • 💯And much more!

What people are saying...

Chris Holbrook

CEO & Co-Founder, Hanu Health

Kraftful provides the data and analytics to help founders quickly achieve Product Market Fit and build a product that dazzles their customers.

Jason Wilson

Product Manager, Johnson Controls

I’m seriously excited to have data like this easily extracted. It makes our efforts for sales much more focused, and helps with the end goal of having more direct interactions with the consumers.



I'd be hard-pressed to think of a hardware development team that isn't strapped for hours and manpower, and Kraftful's solution makes a lot of sense.

Michele Turner

Sr. Director, Google Smart Home

This is really smart. Figuring out user churn in IOT is hard - did the product stop working or is your integration just not that helpful?

Great idea @Kraftful team.

Markus Tacker

Principal Engineer, Nordic Semiconductor

Kudos to Kraftful for giving companies a tools to get insights into their hardware product.

Travis Willis

Sr. Product Manager, dormakaba

I came away impressed and excited at what it can provide me as a Product Manager.

If you are building and managing connected devices and applications you should watch this.

Reviews of Kraftful-powered apps

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Super easy to set up
Really outstanding
This app and the connected device works great.
Keep up the good work!!
Very simple and user friendly
1000 times better
Easy to maneuver for scheduling
So easy a caveman can use it
Much better connectivity, better layout of schedule, ease of use.
Excellent app.
Smooth strong app
I really like this app/stat and it's getting better and better.
Beautiful, simple, modern design.
Geofencing is amazing.
Great app. Easy set up, nice display, love the features.

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Leverage analytics to delight your users

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