Kraftful 2.0

Kraftful 2.0

We’re excited to launch Kraftful 2.0 — the ultimate AI solution for product teams.

1 year ago, we launched our MVP on PH.

Since then, our tiny team shipped 154 features. Over 30,000 teams from companies like Google, Microsoft, Meta, have made Kraftful their go-to for user feedback analysis.

Analyzing over 20M pieces of feedback, we've saved teams upwards of 200,000 hours of manual review of survey data, interviews transcripts, app reviews, support tickets, and other user feedback.

Kraftful was featured on Masters of Scale, got named “AI’s next big thing” by Fast Company, won multiple product awards, has been featured in countless newsletters and podcasts. All in just one year! 🤯

Today, we’re back on PH to demo all the things we’ve built over the past year:

🦾 AI-generated surveys from feedback (on or new topics (in ChatGPT)

🧠 Auto-analyzed feedback from 30+ sources (user calls, surveys, app reviews, G2, support tix, etc.)

💡 Feature request lists, SWOT/empathy map analysis, and custom feedback queries via chat

💌 Team collaboration and insight sharing through Slack / email

✍️ User story generation synching to Jira / Linear tickets

🤖 Product advice from our Kraftful Product Coach GPT in ChatGPT

Try out Kraftful 2.0 and let us know your thoughts. Your support on PH is invaluable!

Kraftful 1.0 was a barebones MVP, built in just a few months by two engineers. It could only analyze a week's worth of US app reviews or Zendesk tickets — now we have daily / weekly / monthly / quarterly / annual reports for lots of sources and easy ways to incorporate Kraftful insights in the dev process.

Our MVP was just enough to give a taste of what we were building. Kraftful stood out with thoughtful UX and exceptional prompts that produced actionable product insights, in minutes.

The incredible demand came as a surprise, culminating in our product breaking because we blew through the rate limits of every API we used. We had to completely rearchitect our product. So most features you see today are new since the last launch and much more robust. And we’re only getting started! 🚀

Special thanks to YC for hunting and the incredible supports 🙌

Innovative teams use Kraftful to engage users & boost revenue.

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