Mar 6, 2023

CEO Yana Welinder on Behind the Roadmap

CEO Yana Welinder on Behind the Roadmap

Our CEO Yana Welinder had the pleasure of welcoming “Behind the Roadmap” to her lovely home for a rapid-fire interview about product building, startup founding, generative AI, and remote team culture.

"Behind the Roadmap" is Productboard's new series, which offers an inside look at the world of product management through the words of product leaders. 

In the video, Yana chats about:

  • The importance of understanding your customers and their needs. 
  • Why the time was right to build Kraftful’s ChatGPT-like product assistant 
  • Running a startup during this generative AI boom 💥
  • How Kraftful’s fully remote team stays connected, collaborative and driven towards making an impact. 
  • The product she loves to use in her daily life (hint: 💪)
  • Her passion for fostering gender equity in product management
  • Summers in her Sweden home ☀️
  • Leveraging generative AI to not only build a groundbreaking product, but to flesh out her gallery wall

Innovative teams use Kraftful to engage users & boost revenue.

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