Feb 21, 2023

Kraftful Beta: ChatGPT but for Product Research

Kraftful Beta: ChatGPT but for Product Research
By Yana Welinder, CEO & Founder

We’re launching a solution for product builders that synthesizes user feedback from app store reviews, support tickets, call transcripts, and really anywhere else users may wanna give you an earful 😆

With Kraftful, you’ll quickly learn what users need so you can focus on building a delightful product…or whatever else you like doing with your time. You can analyze feedback through a quick conversation to nose out what previously could only be done with hundreds of hours of manual review. Think of all the TikTok dances you could learn with those extra hours!

While we’re launching in Beta today, we’ve seen incredible demand for our solution. The product in Alpha has already been used by thousands of product builders from companies like Google, Microsoft, Meta, Netflix, Canva, Dropbox, Atlassian, LinkedIn, Oracle, Kayak, Volvo, Johnson & Johnson, the National Art Gallery, London Underground, 7-Eleven…need I go on?!

You're probably thinking: "not another GPT tool!!" But let's be real, it’s hard to build a great product at scale, even with lots of users emailing support and talking about your product on the interwebs. It’s impossible to quickly act on all this data. Just like *NSYNC, users who don't feel heard end up saying "bye bye bye” 💔💔

Now imagine if you had the tools to effectively listen to users and make them feel heard – that would advance product development AND user satisfaction because they’d be actively engaged in the development process. Our Swedish CEO (me!) keeps referring to the IKEA effect: the more a user is involved, the more invested they’ll be in your product, absurd name and all 🙃

We’re building you the tools to get there! With Kraftful Beta, product builders can not only summarize volumes of user feedback, but ask follow-up questions to uncover user needs. Give it a try! It’ll knock your socks off! 

Once you’ve connected your app store reviews, support tickets, or imported some text that you want to analyze, you’ll also get instant summaries of frequent feature requests, common complaints, most loved app features, and lists of competitors. Sorta like instant coffee, only you’ll want to keep drinking it! 

Kraftful is not your mother’s AI summarization tool. We’re building a unique solution for product teams to help you connect with users in new ways. Our mission is to help everyone build better products. Expect to see more unfold over the next few weeks, months, and years. 

User feedback is our jam, so let us know what you think at feedback@kraftful.com

Innovative teams use Kraftful to engage users & boost revenue.


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