Sep 11, 2023

Kraftful plugin for ChatGPT: The product coach of your dreams

Kraftful plugin for ChatGPT: The product coach of your dreams

Check out Kraftful plugin for ChatGPT, the product coach of your dreams 💫

Earlier this year, Kraftful was one of the first developers in the ChatGPT Plugin Store. We’ve made the popular AI assistant even more useful with our product management add-on! Ask questions about product best practices, write product documentation, and get insightful tips from top product gurus. 

Kraftful gathers wisdom from the top dogs of product know-how and supercharges it with a little ChatGPT magic for quick, concise wisdom that answers your exact request.

Since rollout, the Kraftful plugin for ChatGPT has repeatedly been called out as a top plugin in the Plugin Store. We’ve heard from lots of PMs who use it every day to up-level their product game. 

Product folks are rocking the Kraftful plugin by asking things like: 

🍯 How do I make my product more sticky?

📉 What’s a good measure for churn?

✍️ How should I write a great PRD?

🚫 List recommendations for how to avoid common pitfalls in product development 

✅ Give me strategies for prioritizing features in a new product

At Kraftful, our thriving community of product pros have been recommending their go-to sources on various product dev questions. We’re harnessing the power of GenAI to bring it all together.

Access the Plugin by searching for Kraftful in the ChatGPT Plugin Store. Try it out and let us know what you think! 

Innovative teams use Kraftful to engage users & boost revenue.


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