Kraftful Surveys are here ๐Ÿš€

Kraftful Surveys are here ๐Ÿš€

Today weโ€™re changing the game in product research with Kraftful Surveys:

  1. Instantly generate a survey based on past user feedback or a new topic you want to explore.
  2. Kraftful analyzes all the survey responses to give you product insights like top feature requests, complaints, and loved features.
  3. For interesting feature requests, you can select to have Kraftful turn them into user stories with acceptance criteria and automatically sync to Jira tickets.

What used to take hundreds of hours, can now be done in minutes. Itโ€™s never been faster to survey hundreds or thousands of users.

Why we built this

In my experience as a product leader at various tech companies, gathering user feedback from app reviews, support tickets, call transcripts, and other sources was always a struggle. The real gold lays in surveys, dense with product insights due to their targeted nature.

But setting up effective surveys and analyzing their responses is incredibly time-consuming. As a result, surveys are done rarely. Teams try to squeeze in as many questions as possible, leading to low response rates and less representative feedback.ย 

Kraftful Surveys addresses this issue by leveraging past feedback to generate focused survey questions, enabling:

  • More frequent surveys
  • Shorter, more engaging surveys for users
  • Each survey building upon insights from the previous one to faster learn what users need

How it works: AI AI AI

  1. AI generated surveys:ย 

Kraftful studies your user interview notes, app reviews, support tickets, or whatever past feedback you import and writes thoughtful questions that go beyond the insights youโ€™ve already gathered. It also selects the optimal format for each question โ€“ be it text, multiple choice, or Likert scale. No more tedious survey prep.

If you want to gather input on a new topic, you can just enter your survey topic and watch Kraftful Surveys turn it into thoughtful questions in a few seconds. Once your survey is ready, you can email it to your users or embed it directly on your website.ย 

If you want, you can edit the AI generated questions, change the format, move questions around, and anything youโ€™d normally do with a survey tool (but without paying for an additional survey tool). Prefer the old fashioned way? You can also manually write your survey or use our NPS survey template to take advantage of instant Kraftful summaries of the survey responses.


  1. AI analysis of survey responses:ย 

The real magic of Kraftful? All survey responses are automatically summarized in Kraftful, highlighting top feature requests, complaints, and loved features. Beyond our auto-generated product topics, you can dive deeper into the survey data with our chat, or review raw responses for more context. No more weekends spent sifting through hundreds of survey responses looking for the nuggets.



  1. AI generated user stories synced to Jira:ย 

When you spot interesting feature requests or complaints on the automatically generated lists, Kraftful can turn them into user stories with acceptance criteria and instantly sync the user stories to Jira so your team can start working on them.ย 

In other words, you make the strategic decisions based on the user insights Kraftful brings you. And then Kraftful does the leg work to integrate those decisions into your backlog so your team can get to work.ย 


How to get started with Kraftful Surveys

Get started with our free plan and ditch your expensive survey tool. Let me know what you think!ย 

Innovative teams use Kraftful to engage users & boost revenue.

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