Kraftful + Linear = ❤️‍🔥

Kraftful + Linear = ❤️‍🔥

Kraftful AI aggregates and analyzes user feedback. Sync call transcripts, online reviews, and support tickets, or auto-generate Kraftful Surveys to understand user needs in minutes rather than spending hundreds of hours. 

With our Linear integration, you can automatically sync user stories, crafted by AI from all your collected user feedback, directly into Linear.

How it works

Kraftful automatically identifies feature requests or complaints for your team to address. It then generates user stories complete with acceptance criteria, drawing directly from all collected user feedback.

To convert a user story into a Linear issue, simply connect Kraftful with Linear and configure your issue. This process automatically shares a link to the detailed user feedback with your team, providing them with the context they might need.

In just a couple of minutes, you can save hundreds of hours that would be spent reviewing and summarizing customer calls, surveys, reviews, and support tickets, as well as writing user stories and acceptance criteria.

Configure the Linear integration

From the Kraftful Feedback page, choose feature requests or complaints you wish to transform into user stories.

After a user story has been created, open it and select ‘Export to Linear.’

You will be prompted to authenticate; this allows Kraftful to create issues in Linear on your behalf.

Next, select your Linear workspace, specify the project name, issue type, and then click ‘Export.’

If you need to view or make changes to the Linear issue, simply click ‘View in Linear.’

Innovative teams use Kraftful to engage users & boost revenue.

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