Top ChatGPT prompts for product managers

Top ChatGPT prompts for product managers

Welcome to our comprehensive guide tailored for product managers seeking to leverage ChatGPT in their work. In this guide, we've compiled a diverse range of prompts designed to help product managers excel in their roles, covering an array of topics from understanding and improving PM skills, to utilizing PM frameworks, writing documentation, and more.

We recommend using these prompts with the Kraftful plugin for ChatGPT. The Kraftful plugin references 85+ reputable resources on product management to provide specific recommendations. It’s like your personal product management coach that answers questions about PM best practices and helps you in your work. Here’s a quick demo of how to use the Kraftful plugin:

By harnessing the power of ChatGPT, product managers can gain valuable insights, streamline their workflows, and make more informed decisions, ultimately contributing to the successful development, launch, and growth of their products. Let's dive in!

  1. General prompts for PMs

Understand PM responsibilities: Please create a detailed and comprehensive guide exploring the role and responsibilities of a product manager responsible for [specify product]. This should emphasize their essential skills, the specific tasks they are expected to undertake, and their objectives or goals in their role.

Understand and improve PM skills: Write a comprehensive list of fundamental soft skills and leadership attributes vital for product managers. Additionally, recommend efficient strategies to nurture and enhance these characteristics.

Learn from successful products: Write a case study analyzing the product strategies and key decisions behind a successful [specify type of product, e.g. “fintech”] product."

Learn to use PM frameworks: What are the most important frameworks I should be knowing as a product manager? Explain their application to my product which [describe your product and your product vision].

Apply PM frameworks: Please use the AARRR framework to describe what customer journey would look like for [describe your product]. Include important metrics and opportunities for improvement for each stage. Present your analysis in a structured table format. (You can adapt this prompt for other PM frameworks.)

Find the right PM tools: Craft an extensive list of essential development tools and software frequently used in product management. Detail their primary features, benefits, and the specific product management tasks they're tailored for.

Product launch best practices: Develop a comprehensive guide with best practices to ensure a successful product launch including: planning, execution, and post-launch activities.

Backlog grooming: Generate a backlog grooming strategy to keep our development on track. Here are our constraints [specify team size, technology and tooling, how to gather feedback from users and stakeholders, market situation, amount of tech debt, regulatory issues, and anything else that would be helpful to know for backlog grooming considerations].

Stakeholder collaboration: Develop a strategic blueprint for a product manager to facilitate efficient collaboration with cross-functional teams. Highlight specific communication techniques and tools that the product manager can use and recommend best practices for optimized collaboration. [Describe your product, company, stakeholder, or any other relevant context.]

Security: Suggest ways to enhance our product's security. The product is [describe product].

  1. Product strategy

Guide for creating a product roadmap: Create a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that explains the process of crafting a successful product roadmap for [specify product]. This guide should effectively incorporate best practices, utilize optimum tools, and suggest effective communication strategies.

Market research and competitive analysis: Craft a comprehensive guide on executing impactful market research and competitive analysis for a product manager responsible for [specify product]. This guide should emphasize the use of specific methodologies, data sources, and actionable insights to maximize effectiveness.

Conduct product discovery and competitive analysis: Perform [specify framework: SWOT, PESTLE, Porter’s 5 force] analysis on [specify competitor’s name or describe their product experience if it’s a less well-known brand].

Build MVP: Identify no-code tools so that I can test my idea for [describe your product] without having to hire a developer? Please tell me the exact process and tools.

Identifying relevant KPIs: Propose 20 unique KPIs to measure our product's market performance. The product is [describe product].

KPI plan: Develop a comprehensive guide on assessing and monitoring product success through KPIs. The guide should prioritize the following dimensions: [specific metrics, targeted objectives, effective reporting methodologies, and any analytics tools used.]

Metrics for product release: Suggest a set of metrics to measure the success of our recent release. The release includes [describe release].

User engagement improvements: Propose a set of A/B tests to improve user engagement. The product is [describe product].

User retention improvements: Suggest strategies to improve user retention. My product is [describe product].

Pricing strategy: Propose 3 alternative pricing strategies for our new product. The product is [describe product].

Emerging tech impact: Identify the potential impact of emerging technologies on our product. The product is [describe product].

Brainstorm solutions: Users are [describe your problem in detail] What could be some ways to solve this problem? (Even if ChatGPT may not solve your problem, it may come up with some ideas that can lead you in the right direction.)

  1. Writing documentation

PRD template: I am looking to create a detailed Product Requirement Document for [describe your product at a high level]. Please give me a template and explain the purpose of each section.

Writing PRDs: Please write a detailed Product Requirement Document for [describe your product or feature]. Include all the important details and the following sections [list any sections that your product team prefers to see in a PRD].

Release notes: What are the essential elements of a well-written release note for [describe your product]? Please provide both best practices and examples for crafting notes that effectively communicate new changes and improvements to users.

Product announcement to users: Please draft a product update announcement for our users. The release includes [describe release].

Help desk article: Here are chat conversations between our support team and customers:

[Paste conversations]

Please write a help desk article based on these conversations.

Here are chat conversations between our support team and customers:

[Paste conversations]

Please create FAQs based on these conversations.

  1. User experience prompts

Learn from case studies: Write a case study analyzing the UX design process behind a user-friendly [specify type of product, e.g. fintech] product. (Follow up with any specific questions you have.)

Usability improvement:
Identify 10 areas of usability improvement in our user interface. The product is [describe product]. [Upload screenshot of the website or app, do not use the Kraftful plugin]

Accessibility improvement: Propose a feature set to improve the accessibility of our product. The product is [describe product]. [Upload screenshot of the website or app, do not use the Kraftful plugin]

Write SQL prompt:

You have the following SQL table available to you: events.

It has the columns:

- user_id

- timestamp

- name

Your job is to respond with SQL queries.

How many users triggered the "Signup Success" event in the past week?

Collaboration with designers: Please provide best practices for collaborating with a design team on [describe your product]. [You can also specify anything relevant about your product team, the design team, the tools either team uses, and any relevant processes (e.g. lean or agile methodology, SAFe, waterfall.]

Landing page design: Create a list of must-have visual elements and design principles for an effective landing page for [describe your product]. The page should advance [specify customer experience goals] and be based on these [list key branding guidelines].

  1. User feedback prompts

User research strategy: Please create a strategy for conducting effective user research and gathering valuable feedback for [describe your product]. Considering these methods and tools: [specify methods and tools you’re considering].

User interviews:
Explain the process of designing and conducting a user interview for [describe your product], providing guidance on preparing interview questions, selecting participants, and managing the interview process.

Specific user interviews: Using the principles given in the MOM’s test book, write 10 questions to ask the users of my product. [Describe your product.]

Survey questions: Draft a survey to collect customer feedback on our latest release. The release includes [describe release].

Talk with users on social media: Here’s some user feedback we got on social media: [paste message]. Draft a response to user feedback. [Include rough notes on anything you want to communicate to users, e.g. you plan to build what they are asking for, there’s already a way to do what they want to do, etc.]

Bug report: Here’s some user feedback: [paste message]. Draft a bug report based on user feedback.

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